Delivery Guarantee

FixRx holds your money in trust to facilitate payments related to your personal medication importation.

All medication shipped has a tracking number that allows its progress to be seen, both by you and by us.

In the event that successful delivery can not be achieved, patients using the service will receive a 100% refund of the money placed in trust to execute their order.

Successful delivery will be deemed to have occurred when the package tracks to the supplied delivery address and is marked as having been delivered.

The sole exception to this guarantee is in the case where your package is held by your local customs authority due to your non-payment of whatever local duties and taxes apply. Some countries levy 10-20% import duties or taxes. Some levy both. Some levy none.


  1. There is no fine print, what you read above is the entire delivery guarantee agreement.
  2. Well technically this is fine print, but you get the idea.
  3. There are no pages and pages of incomprehensible legal jargon that you just have to agree to because who has to time to read it?
  4. Seriously, that’s it.
  5. We deliver, or you pay nothing.