Prescription Service

We require a doctor’s prescription to supply medication, this is for both our and your protection. You will be asked to upload a copy of your prescription on the checkout page. If don’t have one but have a photo of your used medication bottle/pack with your information printed on it, please upload it instead. This will enable our doctors to issue a new prescription for you free of charge once you answer our short medical questionnaire that you will automatically receive by email.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a copy of your doctor’s prescription (or a photo of your used medication bottle/pack), please add our prescription service to your medicines order at checkout. This service costs $10 USD, and can be added when choosing shipping. If you do, you will receive by email a short medical questionnaire soon after placing your order. When you reply with your answers, our doctor will review them, and provided there are no issues identified, they will issue a prescription valid for 1 year. After payment is received, your new prescription will be automatically attached to your order, and you’ll receive a copy by email.

Please note that our primary care doctor is not a specialist and may not be able to write a prescription for some medical conditions if you don’t have proof that you had a prescription for the same medication recently (such as a photo of your used medication bottle/pack with your information on it).

Finally, please note that if you live in one of the following countries, you’ll not be able to purchase our prescription service because their laws require a prescription form from a local doctor to be able to buy medicines by mail : Brazil, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, New Zealand (NZ law requires a Medsafe prescription).

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