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MyHep All™ (28 tabs) is a licensed generic of Epclusa® (Sofosbuvir/Velpatasvir) produced in an FDA approved factory in India. It’s a direct-acting antiviral prescription medication for the treatment of chronic Hepatitis C across all genotypes in patients with or without liver cirrhosis (compensated). For the majority of patients, 12 weeks (3 bottles) of treatment is needed to reach cure. But for treatment experienced genotype 3 patients or for all patients with advanced Liver cirrhosis (decompensated), treatment duration is 24 weeks (6 bottles). Epclusa® is approved by the FDA and EMA.

To get a prescription for this medication from one of our doctors, 2 simple and cheap blood tests are required : CBC & CMP. They can be done without a doctor’s order.


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