This site came about largely because, despite being out of patent, Truvada® for PrEP (Pre Exposure PrEP) remains largely unaffordable. We cannot hope to get rid of HIV unless we work to stop transmission. The Centers for Disease Control have proven PrEP can do that, but it cannot do that while it remains unaffordable.

Despite costing around $2000 a month in the USA, we know for a fact Truvada® is not expensive to make for one very simple reason, namely a 30-day supply of generic Truvada® can be had right here for just $30! That $30 buys a high quality generic medication, made by well-known manufacturer such as Mylan who have a decade long track record of equivalent quality to Gilead branded Truvada®.

Patients can also find TAF based PrEP here at FixRx. TAF (Tenofovir Alafenamide) is used at a much lower dose than TDF (Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate) and TAF based PrEP has been shown to be equally effective with suggestions it may be better suited to long term use due to lower bone and renal toxicity.

Atripla® (EFZ/FTC/TDF) has done a great job for many years but is getting a bit long in the tooth. Over the next few years it will be replaced as the #1 treatment of choice by an HIV triple therapy containing Dolutegravir/Emtricabine/Tenofovir (DTC/FTC/TAF) – and for good reasons such as getting rid of the drug-drug interactions that plague EFZ and replacing TDF with TAF. At the moment DTG/FTC/TAF as a single pill fixed dose combination is not easily available but it can be sourced here as a 2 pill combination.

FixRx Buyers Club makes it easy for patients to access the new safer more effective medications for affordable prices. We do that by sourcing high quality licensed generic medications from proven U.S. and Indian pharmaceutical companies, such as Mylan (USA), Hetero, and Cipla (India). All these companies have licensing agreements with the originator pharmaceutical companies and have proven themselves capable of passing the rigorous WHO pre-qualification process.

TAF vs TDF toxicity
TAF vs TDF (1)
TAF vs TDF toxicity
TAF vs TDF (2)