What is FixRx?

FixHepC Hep C HCV Elimination Butterfly

The mission of FixRx is to get affordable high quality generic medications to patients around the world.

While this site is still relatively new, it’s brought to you by the crew at FixHepC which was established back in 2014 to help Hepatitis C (HCV) patients access the new (but frightfully expensive) drugs that had just reached the market. Over the past 6 years we have built up some great relationships with suppliers of licensed generic medications, achieved delivery to over 160 countries, and helped cure many patients.

We’ve observed that when the news of personal importation and so-called “buyer’s clubs” hit the mainstream media in Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Italy and the UK their respective governments successfully negotiated affordable pricing deals to provide near-universal access to these medications for their citizens.

This site came about largely because despite many of the drugs being out of patent patients still struggle to access high quality generic medications. We think we should be doing better and this website is our attempt to help accelerate universal access globally.

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