It’s safe to say that drug prices are a real problem in the world, especially in countries with no universal healthcare. With some drugs costing more than two year’s salary, many people around the world are dying too soon. After all, what’s good about a miracle new cure if it’s priced so high that it isn’t reaching the patients it was designed for. So we, first at the FixHepC Buyers Club, then later here at FixRx, decided to do what we can to fix this problem. We are a part of a quiet, legal, and peaceful protest about outrageous new drug pricing. To see some of our faces, see our photo gallery on the FixHepC site.

We found that in most countries, people are legally entitled to import 3 months worth of medication at a time by mail for personal use. So our Australian founder, Dr. James Freeman, started FixHepC back in 2015 to help Hepatitis C patients access the new cure that had just reached the market, but is priced sky high. Costing a fraction of the price, we started sourcing high quality generic medicines from proven pharmaceutical companies in India that have licensing agreements with the originator US pharmaceutical company. Patients all over the world with a valid prescription, who couldn’t otherwise, were finally able to affordably get the drugs they needed delivered to their door without risk. You can click this link to see what Google has to say about FixHepC. You can also find our forum where some 4000 patients have made 25000 posts over a period of time spanning 6 years.

In 2020, hoping to duplicate our small contribution in the fight against Hepatitis C, we decided to use our experience and relationships to try to help patients with any disease. We started FixRx to help facilitate access to authentic brand name and quality generic medicines at deeply discounted prices. We accomplish this by sourcing our medicines from authorized pharmaceutical distributors in countries where drug costs are low. We believe that our work applies pressure to international prices with the goal of helping countries get better deals for their citizens. We will continue this mission because of the feedback we get from patients whose lives have been improved by using FixRx.

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